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Testimonials and reviews

Here are some testimonials and reviews of my consultancy and leadership roles. There are more work reviews and comments from my educational blog via the link below. 

Interim headship

"Peter took on a much-needed troubleshooting role and made a huge and very positive difference in a short time. He showed the skills and experience to lead the school in the right direction and make the necessary changes. Quickly, confidently and without fuss he got on with a complex role while always putting the needs of the children at the top of everyone's agenda."

WS, Engineer and parent


"Peter was outstanding and led the school with distinction and enthusiasm. His contribution and leadership were appreciated both by pupils and parents."


AC, University Professor and school parent

Maximising opportunities

"No surprise that places are in such high demand. Peter Hogan’s mission is to maximise the opportunities for everyone and we think he’s doing a great job.

The Tatler Schools Guide

Pupil recruitment and school performance

"The school roll increased to its highest ever numbers during Peter’s tenure and academic performance improved to the extent that examination results out-performed UK and world averages every year." 

VT, Chair of Board

Business development

"Peter is an education professional with a deep understanding of the economics of running a business whose expertise has been applied to brilliant effect in the running of our school."

CD, Lawyer and school parent

Strategic change

"He left a legacy. Not a building or a monument, but the school itself, in good health, with a rising roll. It is a rare thing to be the right man, in the right place at the right time. Peter Hogan could claim to be that."

JH, Editor

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