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After running schools in England Scotland Wales and Asia in state, independent, charitable and for-profit sectors for just over 20 years I have now stepped back from full time school leadership.


Instead, I work for children’s charities in Scotland, sit on school governing bodies in England, offer advisory and consultancy work for schools and some commercial organisations and do occasional commissioned writing in the UK and overseas.

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My Story

As a Head I found myself specialising in small to medium sized schools (350-800 pupils) that were in need of modernisation and reorganisation, greater pupil recruitment and improved strategic planning. Typically this would also involve the reorganisation and performance management of staff, campus development, modernised teaching and improvements to pastoral care. All the schools grew to their largest size under my leadership with their highest academic results and all became stable, secure and successful places to study, work and grow together.

Throughout my career I have been a mentor and coach to alumni and staff. I am also very experienced in leading organisational development and familiar with the challenges of managing large groups of teaching and non-teaching staff in very different, dynamic, competitive environments.

I have been leading and managing educational consultancy projects alongside my leadership roles for over 25 years. More recently I have undertaken two interim Headships and in both cases was invited into the schools to support the governors in their mission to see the schools through a period of change and difficulty. 

I can provide support for Heads, senior leaders and governing bodies in the following areas:


To learn more or ask any questions please make contact via the website or using email/phone.

+44 (0) 7904 593589 

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