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Personal Profile

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Leader and teacher in state and independent, charitable and for-profit sectors in UK and Asia working with a very wide range of young people and staff.  Experienced in leading organisational development and change, practiced in implementing blended learning. 


Extensive successful global recruitment of staff and students.  Familiar with the challenges of managing large groups of teaching and non-teaching staff in very different, dynamic, competitive environments. 

Learner-focussed and culturally aware with demonstrable ability to deliver high quality, sustainable improvements.  Mentor and coach to a range of alumni and staff.  

School leadership

Educational governance

Educational consultancy

Notable achievements

  • Executive Head, Windermere School, England  

  • Principal, Regent’s International School, Thailand  

  • Executive Principal, HCUK Studio School, England  

  • Headmaster, Loretto School, Scotland  

  • Warden, Llandovery College, Wales  

  • Deputy Head, Sunderland High School, England

  • Chair of Governors 3-18 independent day and boarding school

  • School Director and Trustee

  • Deputy Chair of Governors 3-11 independent day school

  • Board member 3-11 state funded school

  • Board member of two universities

  • Chair of university health and safety committee

  • Board member of youth charity

  • Chair of EU funded arts and education charity

  • Member of the London Stock Exchange’s Wider Share Ownership Task Force

  • Advisor to the Ministry of Education, Thailand on the UK curriculum and the International Baccalaureate

  • Headteacher and teacher training and lecturing in UK; lecture tours to Poland, SE Asia, the Caucasus and Russia

  • Extensive UK and overseas experience training staff in marketing and in safeguarding

  • Keynote speaker to school governors and school leaders at the CBI and Institute of Directors

  • Education advisor on the establishment of an oversees campus for the University of London 

  • Adviser to UK based teacher recruitment company seeking to enter the education sector

  • Director of international online training organisation specialising in training support staff

  • Education adviser to an online A Level college

  • Advisor to school governors restructuring their schools in the face of new competition

  • Appraisal of primary and secondary Headteachers in UK and overseas

  • Education consultant to organisations including The Financial Times, RBS, Barclays Bank, ProShare, The Personal Finance Education Group, The Motley Fool and Jane Goodall Institute

  • Devised the UK largest educational stock market resource used by 100,00 pupils per year

  • Author of A level Economics and Business Studies text books

  • Regular contributor to educational journals, website and social media platforms

  • Occasional analyst and newspaper reviewer for BBC radio

  • Received best in Country and Best in World Awards for IGCSE exam performance 2017, 2018 and 2019

  • Raised IB Diploma annual average scores to the equivalent of A*A A at A level

  • Raised A level results to best in the school history in two UK schools

  • Raised value added scores in the top 5% of the UK in one UK school

  • Increased pupil numbers by 35%, 40% and 100% in three independent schools

  • Founded prep school

  • Franchising of school brand into new markets 

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