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Governor training

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Many board members are first time governors with no previous experience of working in education and while they will be learning on the job, training can help bridge the initial gaps. For them, induction training is vital. Training also increases the capacity to improve the effectiveness of entire governing boards and particularly their ability to provide strategic leadership and data-driven accountability for educational standards and financial performance. In essence, training enables governors to make an active and more valuable contribution to meetings. 

Governing board should encourage members to complete training to be as informed and up to date with expectations of the role and how they can best contribute. Such training can help board members to:

  • Have a better understanding of their purpose and function.

  • Be more confident in asking relevant questions and holding the Head to account.

  • Contribute effectively and support the school’s specific needs.


I can provide online and in person support for boards and induction training for new members. For a confidential conversation please use the contact page to get in touch or click on the chat button. 

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