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Testimonials and reviews

Structural transformation

"Having successfully completed the task of transforming a number of the school’s key areas of operations, Peter allowed a successor to capitalise on what he has achieved and the School’s circumstances are significantly better now than when he arrived."

SG, Chair of Board



"My team are impressed with you take the time to appreciate and notice everyone’s efforts. Uplifting, Peter."

AM, International educational consultant

Staff relations

"Peter’s relationships with staff were excellent and he continues to mentor and advise many of his ex-colleagues."

DV, Chair of Board



"Having run many schools and school groups in different cultures I think your points are clear, effective and practical. Useful for Heads and aspiring Heads in equal measure."

MU, Education Director


Staff development

"Thanks for highlighting meaningful yet attainable habits. I see so many new teachers disenchanted by ridiculous expectations so it’s lovely to see a Head noticing the 'smaller' stuff. Cheers!"

YD, International school teacher


Staff training

"This was really useful. I'm not a Head, but the concept of turning ideas into action is key to my role. Thanks!"

MC, Deputy Head



"You offer action driven by wisdom. That’s a rarity."

HP, School governor

"After over 40 years in education, I agree with every single one of the points you make."

JF, Governor and consultant

"What a tremendous job you have done Peter."

MS, School Principal

Hogan.Education blog


"Great to see such lovely comments pouring in from the world over."

JM, Faculty leader


"Wonderful articles, Peter. Readable, memorable bite sizes from a huge bank of experience!"

AH, Partner and consultant

"I just want to say a big Thank You for your brilliant blog posts. I find them inspirational and words I find myself going back to for impetus to move on."

CH, Teacher

"An excellent reminder for every teacher aspiring for success and excellence - starting with me. Thanks for sharing, Peter. I have just re-shared your posts on my network."

DD, Education Adviser


"I just read your blog post. Definitely lots of alignment to the work that we are doing. Thanks for writing."

VH, Headteacher  

"Really important and useful."

FF, Teacher and governor

"Challenging times need thoughtful and compassionate responses. Thank you for yours."

BC, School governor


"Great articles!"

PI, Olympian and Athletics Director


"Insightful, as always, Peter. Bravo!"

JH School Registrar


"Spot on, as always Peter."

KP, School governor


"Brilliant work!"

SS, Author and Executive Coach

"Peter, your words ring very true."

AD, Founding Head and author 


"Absolutely resonates with me Peter. So true! Thanks!"

KH, Teacher and trainer

"Powerful, great metaphors! True respect."
KH, Accredited coach


"Spot on Peter…well said!"



"Great checklists, Peter."

GH, Education director and consultant  


"So true in every school and every business."

TN, General Manager


"Great work, Peter."

FN, Board Director


"Great observations Peter. "


"This is awesome, Peter!" 

JH, Business development manager

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