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Inspection preparation

Inspection and compliance


I have been a schools inspector for ISI and Estyn in Wales and have prepared schools for ISI, Estyn, Ofsted and CIS (Council of International School) inspections and International Baccalaureate reviews. I can offer school staff support though the process and insight into the inspection process.

Compliance is essential for a successful inspection as well as an indispensable in running a high-quality school. All teachers, governors and school leaders are best advised to be familiar with the key polices and processed of the school and to understand relevant legislation so they can respond effectively to the range of situations facing children.  Every school should be working compliantly and be up-to-date with the latest legislation and statutory guidance.


School leaders should be familiar with key legislation such as Independent School Standards Regulations, the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools, Data Protection and the GDPR and Charity Regulation. Staff must be familiar with and adhere to the school’s policies and practices and these must be explicit in the school handbooks.


Executing effective day-to-day working practices is something all school aspire to but not all schools are certain that this is the case. Auding working practices can be a very useful exercise prior to an inspection. Similarly reviewing and policies, with a view to improving them as well as procedures and handbooks, drafting complaint person specifications, job descriptions and effective interview strategies are always advisable actions in the run up to any external assessment of the school.     


For a confidential conversation about inspection or compliance please use the contact page or click the chat button. 

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