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Building the expertise and confidence of Teaching Assistants

In international schools the teaching assistant staff are typically hired locally and their training may be light touch or absent. Many of these committed staff members have years of experience but can feel they are lacking in professional confidence.

Tailor made training can been difficult to source in many countries but a new online development programme may be the answer for schools wanting to invest in their TAs. The Association of International School Teaching Assistants has worked with an experienced UK based technology and publishing company to produce a new Development Programme. With flexibility, relevance and affordability at its heart, the result in an online, mobile-friendly library of 80 or so courses designed for international school TAs. Written by experienced professionals, the courses are a few hours each and can be taken on phones or any other device. Senior staff can monitor all training and TAs receive certification on completion of each course.

It is low cost, adaptable and the courses offer genuine career development for this hard working group of staff so vital in every good school.

More details can be obtained here: AISTA@napta.org.uk and a catalogue of courses is here.


Peter Hogan has been the Head of schools in the UK and Asia for 20 years. He writes about schools, teaching and learning at hogan.education and can be contacted at peter@hogan.education